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Services _


Old Farm Computer provides a great service to individuals that do not qualify for our main program. We refurbish computers and sell the computers at a reasonable price to individuals. There are other great services provided by The Buddy Project. 

Other Services

IT Internship Program_

We provide a great IT internship program for individuals. Individuals will learn how to refurbish computers. We also prepare the individuals for the A+ Certification. The curriculum for this internship is based on the A+ certification book provided by The Buddy Project.

Sometimes we do repairs on computers it just depends on the extent of the damage. if you need repairs for your computer please set up an appointment with us so we can assess the damage.
Recycle Computers _

Some individuals volunteer in recycling computers. The computers are taken apart and certain parts are kept to be reused. If you have any computers, printers, and any other electronics to donate, please contact us.

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