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The Buddy Project Staff:


The Buddy Project, Inc.
2107 Chestnut Lane
Frederick, MD 21702

General Contact: (301)788-5350

Old Farm Computer Sales Line: (443)699-0399


Founder and Chairman- Eric D. Zimmerman

Assistant to the Founder and Chairman- Open

Special Assistant to the Founder and Chairman- - Autumn Caro

Director of Development- Open

Program Director- Open

Program Assistant- Open

Project Manager-ALMA Program- -Davonne Flanagan

I.T. Internship Director- Nancy Saylor

Recycling Director - David Zimmerman

Manager, Recycling- - Raymond Schricker

Recycling Volunteer- Alex Buchannan

Recycling Volunteer- Mark Randolph

Recycling Volunteer- Billy Barnhart

Recycling Volunteer- Kirk Lochner


Old Farm Computer Staff:


Sales Coordinator: Open

Internet Sales Specialist: Shawn Jenkins


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