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30 poems that will encourage in any child love of language carefulness as well as language playfulness. The bilingual (English/Spanish) book received rare distinction as a Paleontological Research Institution (PRI)-approved book for its content and illustration accuracy, and received two 2009 Moonbeam Awards in the Children s Poetry and Spanish Language Book categories. Tackling dinosaurs from A (Allosaurus) to V (Velociraptor), each poem plays on the meaning or etymology of the ancient animal's name. The richly hued watercolor collages delight with whimsy of their own, and the bilingual glossary of technical terms and prehistoric creatures rounding out the book is sure to satisfy the inquisitive nature so many children bring to learning about these beloved creatures.

This book is intended for a wide age range: children as young as 3 to 4 years old seem to love the pictures and the rhyme and rhythm, while 11- to 12-year-olds can appreciate the more subtle plays on words; adults who want to enjoy some fun reading or brush up on their Spanish will also profitably read this book.

Dinosaur Name Poems/Poemas De Nombres De Dinosaurios

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